'....and it was, having a baby! Until that point I'd spent my time in corporate jobs, and worked in the printed packaging industry for a while. But the artist in me had been quieted for too long, and after having my little girl, the art voice began shouting more loudly. So when she slept, I started sketching. At first the work was pretty awful, but the simple act of drawing held such a powerful attraction, and I felt compelled to find ways to do it more and more.  

Skip forward a few years and I'm proud to say I am a semi-abstract acrylic painter of faces, and very passionate artist and am deeply in love with art making. 

It is my real calling. 

Influenced by unspoken thoughts, poems, memories, and psychology, I am interested in finding ways to put those ideas into art. As a child, talking about how we felt wasn't a thing (I don’t know why, and I think it was quite common), art allows me to say all the things I wasn't allowed to say back then. 

I find faces fascinating, especially eyes, and they are the perfect subject for expressing all the depths of my soul where I lack the words, or perhaps - more accurately - the knowledge of how to put them together. I really admire the poets and the lyricists of the world. It's only in art that I feel safe to put my thoughts into paintings. 

The work invites you to disentangle from the external, to connect with the inner self, and maybe to find something of yourself reflected back.